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UK-based millionaire looking to transform Dorset into holiday destination similar to Dubai�s Palm.

A UK-based millionaire is looking to transform Dorset, a sandy peninsula, into a modern holiday destination akin to Dubai's Palm Jumeirah.

A 33-storey �sports tower� built for abseiling, bungee jumping and rock climbing, a huge seven-star hotel shaped like a seagull, a large marina, an open air swimming pool and theatre will be part of the project, according to an article published on

Besides, the development will also include restaurants, shops, apartments and a helipad.

The article states that the man behind the project, Eddie Mitchell, plans to protect the project through an arching wave break that would protect the stretch of beach from storms.

Nakheel has said earlier that the Palm Jumeirah is not at risk of flooding as the world's water levels rise due to climate change, stating its engineers had factored in a possible sea level rise of 50 centimeters, in line with worst-case scenarios.

"We have also factored in king tides, storm surges and high seas, giving us a minimum height of four meters above chart datum," the company has told the media in the past.

Similarly, the World islands too are protected from waves and currents by an oval frame or breakwater.

�When you have waves, you have erosion. You have currents, you have some erosion. But when you don�t have both and just tidal movement, you have minimum or controlled erosion which can be compensated at a later stage with the reshaping of the islands,� a company official had told Emirates 24|7 in 2011.

The breakwater, which is segmented into six portions, has a total perimeter of 26 kilometres, which significantly reduces any impact from waves or current.

The breakwater was completed in December 2007 and 30 million tonnes of rock were used to construct it.

Seven Developments, a company owned by Mitchell, did not respond to questions sent by Emirates 24|7 on the proposed Dorset project.

Due to flooding every year, all new-build properties are now built 12 feet above sea level and studies are ongoing into the need for further sea defenses.
Sandbanks is one of the most expensive places to leave outside London in the UK with property buyers paying an average of Dh7,394 (� 1,200) per square foot.

The article quoted Richard Genge, Poole Borough Council's planning and regeneration manager, saying: "This is the first time we have seen images of Mitchell's vision. The council has not received a planning application and as such we are unable to comment on these proposals.�


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