Saturday | December 08, 2012

Dj Dyro, the new Dutch sensation

You're the new Dutch sensation, but can you explain your musical background?

Ever since I can remember I was very interested in music. I even had some drum and piano lessons when I was little, but never on a professional level. I found it far more interesting to mess around with old radio�s and cassette players. As I got older I started to mess around with programs on a computer. When I downloaded FL Studio for the first time I was sold and the rest is history.

Where did the name DYRO come from? A story with your name Jordy?

I wanted an artist name which had something to do with my own name. Jordy van Egmond isn�t very easy to the ear so I had to come up with something else. DYRO is actually just JORDY rearranged without the J.

What�s it like getting recognized and taken in by Hardwell? Can you describe the relationship that you two have?

While I was producing I was always a fan of Hardwell�s work, so being recognized by your hero feels amazing. Our relationship has become friendship now. We help and challenge each other to get better.

You release this month many remixes. How do manage your time in studio between productions and remixes?

I have a hard time managing that. I have so many remix requests coming in at the moment that I have to decline half of them. I see every remix as an opportunity so if I could I would do them all, but there wouldn�t be any time left for my originals. I�m making up at the moment, as I finished 5 new original last month.

When you listened Close Enemies from Example for the first time, you immediately found your touch style on it? Tell us more about the process?

Usually when I get a remix request I immediately get my own idea to it. If I don�t, I�m not accepting it at the first place. I find it very important to feel something before accepting it. I look for an element that I can use to create that floor filling remix, and when I give it my own twist, it usually just comes to me.

Your name was mentioned 3 times as breakthrough produce 2012 by Hardwell, Dada Life and Laidback Luke. What was your first feeling?

I have always been a huge fan of all three and I still am. As I said before, It feels amazing to get recognized by your hero�s.

And you were in this years 'Generation Next' panel at Amsterdam Dance Event, how was it to join this panel?

It was an honour to me. I was there to actually teach new producers something and I hope I achieved.

What's going on for you next?

I did a remix for Tiesto and Swanky Tunes that should be out pretty soon. I�m very happy with that one and I can�t wait for people to hear it.

If you could a back to back with anyone in the world who would it be and why?

Daft Punk. They have influenced me a lot and they were years ahead of everybody.

And the last word?

Thanks for all the support and feedback so far. It has been an amazing year for me and I�m gonna keep doing what I do. Keep an eye out on my twitter, facebook and soundcloud to stay updated!

Interview By Angie


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