Defect Mondays at Mantis

Defect Mondays at Mantis

Monday, 26 September 2022LOGOOfficial Partner
Event Info

"Defect" Event at Mantis Every Monday from 11 pm - 3 am, courtesy of Don Entertainment
table bookings and reservations are obligatory
Music type: house music (international dj: EDU Imbernon) + (3 top local house music djs: Moii + JustBradj + Gabi)

Venue Details
Mantis Dubai is an authentic mixture of past, present and future. The Mantis experience is embodying the magical energy of clubbing from basics, creating a space in the present and deploying technologies of the future clubbing and nightlife scene. 

Mantis takes pride as the only premium nightclub offering an aexperience which is: of Dubai from Dubai. Mantis is powerfully alluring a spot in the Middle east uniting people of eclectic tastes with a common love of music, nightlife & entertainment. Explore the Mantis Club Dubai and let it reveal itself to you, offering the best of Dubai in nightlife and clubbing – which brings out the best in you.