Satwa 3000 presents Madame Gandhi & Megatronic

Satwa 3000 presents Madame Gandhi & Megatronic

Saturday, 23 December 2017
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Satwa 3000 presents

Madame Gandhi, is a Los Angeles-based musician, activist and music industry thinker. She has toured professionally drumming for M.I.A and Thievery Corporation and currently DJs, drums and produces music under her own name. Her song “The Future is Female” climbed to #8 on the Viral US Top 50 Spotify Charts following the 2017 Women’s March and her solo EP Voices has received critical acclaim from outlets like FADER, Paper Mag, and Milk.

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In 2012, Megane Quashie went solo. The singer/songwriter was previously known for her success with the British/French electro-pop band, Black Cherry. Yet after a successful journey, she felt it was time to develop her own style and in turn found her new voice. As her confidence in the new sound developed, Megane was soon asked to feature on the remix “Sweet Rosy” by Swedish DJs, Staygold. Soon after the success of “Sweet Rosy”, Megane was introduced to veteran producer, Marcus Price,
thus marking the beginning of MEGATRONIC.

Through Megatronics new exciting style of music, Megane Quashie provides a colorful palette of lyrics, with her London tones, melody and stage dramatics, while DJ Marcus Prices’ brings the Razor sharp club bangers, futuristic hip-hop, post-skweee beats, and gangsta trance anthems to each track.



Satwa 3000 is a Swiss art collective based in UAE. Since 2015 they have been remixing the sights and sounds of the real Dubai. They are known for their colorful graphics, edgy parties, and irreverent art installations.

Satwa 3000 transports you to a land of fruit juices, the finest fabrics, and cheap mobile repair shops, go indulge in a simpler way of life.
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